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"Celle qui danse sa vie avec philosophie", in Yegg -  April 2018


"Les théâtres en manque de nouvelles têtes" in l'hebdo du Quotidien de l'art - 28th of February 2018

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"Dansez en ville" entretien dans Haut Parleur - November 2017

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"L'oiseau bleu se pose à Saint-Nazaire", article dans Saint-Nazaire Magazine - october 2017

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"Que fait la danse à l'art et à l'architecture?", article dans Culture et Recherche , Scènes de recherche - n°135 - spring/summer 2017

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"Danse contemporaine et esprit de la décentralisation", article paru dans L'Observatoire n°43, winter 2013 :

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Le Rendez-Vous

Laurent Goumarre invits Emmanuelle Huynh for her last choreography « Tôzai!... », twenty years after "Múa", her first piece, between Vietnam and Japan.

24th of February 2015

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Hors champ

Laure Adler welcomes Emmanuelle Huynh, dancer, choreographer and director of the National center of contemporary dance - Angers.

2012 Novembre 27 

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A voix nue

Radio Interviews - five half an hours to listen  who mark our age : artist, philosopher, creator... Emmanuelle Huynh is Laurent Goumarre's guest.

Listen #1 - 28 of june 2004 "Múa" ≥ 

Listen #2 - 29 of June 2004 "tout contre" ≥

Listen #3 - 30 oj June 2004 "distribution en cours" ≥

Listen #4 - 2 of July 2004 "les mots n'existent pas" ≥

Listen #5 - 3 of July 2004 "fou rire" ≥

Photo Christian Robert (Saint-Nazaire)

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Photo Sandy Korzekwa (Nimes)

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Photo Sandy Korzekwa (Nimes)

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Emmanuelle Huynh

Emmanuelle Huynh, dancer, choreographer and teacher, studied dance and philosophy. Her work explores the relationship between dance and literature, music, light, ikebana (Japanese floral art) and architecture.

Among other pieces, she creates  Mùa (1995), A Vida Enorme (2002), Cribles (2009), Shinbai, le Vol de l’âme (2009), TÔZAI !... (2014).

From February 2004 to December 2012, Emmanuelle Huynh directs the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (CNDC) in Angers. She restructures thus the educational project around two cursus’:  Artist Choreographer destined for young artist choreographers, and the creation of the Essais cursus for authors, offering a “dance, creation, and performance masters".

In 2016, with Jocelyn Cottencin, they create the project A taxi driver, an architect and the High Line, a portrait of New York City via its architecture, its spaces, its inhabitants, consisting of portrait films and a performance.  

They continue their collaboration and realize sensitive portrait(s), filmed and danced in the town of Saint Nazaire (creation 2017-2019) and Sao Paulo in Brazil (creation 2019 and 2020).

In November 2017, inspired by the autobiographical work of Pierre Guyotat and in collaboration with visual artist Nicolas Floc'h who designed the set, she makes Formation a four dancer’s piece.

Emmanuelle Huynh’s work carried by the Plateforme Múa, company supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication - Regional Department of Cultural Affairs of Pays de la Loire, by the department of Loire-Atlantique as well as the city of Saint-Nazaire, is grounded in a broader vision of dance, producing knowledge and emotions that modify the vision that society can have of itself via transmission, art, and public implication. 

From 2014 to 2016, Emmanuelle Huynh is associated Assistant Professor at the National School of Architecture in Nantes. She intervenes today at the ENSA Nantes-Mauritius.

As of September 2016, she becomes Head of the dance, choreography, performance workshop at the Beaux-Arts of Paris.

See Emmanuelle's own presentation, captured by Jocelyn Cottencin on the roof of Saint-Nazaire Building .

One episode of documentary series Art-istes en court, by Dorothée Lorang et David Beautru, is focusing Emmanuelle Huynh : here it  is !